7 Day Resume

You have searched all over the internet looking for information and ways to craft your own Resume. Stop Looking !!! Don't Waste Money, and Save yourself Time! 7 Day Resume is a FREE One of a kind – Online Training Program that walks you through every step of the way to your Winning Recruiter Ready Resume!

Learn More About Me... And 7 Day Resume

Eddie Lazzari

Founder Change Your POV
Hello! My name is Eddie, I'm the creator of Change Your POV Blog and Podcast. My mission is to share with you what I've learned over the years through tons of my own mistakes.

I created 7 Day Resume to provide you with a resource I wish I had when I got out of the Military.

Once you sign up I will immediately email you your first Lesson followed by a new lesson every day for the next 7 days.

What will you learn? Great question. I will explain where resumes came from in the first place, what they are really for, and what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for. I have a ton of information to share with you like: Resume layout, structure, format, do's & dont's and a whole lot more.

What Will You Get With 7 Day Resume?

Everyday for 7 days you will receive a new FREE Lesson

Every Lesson is an easy to follow block of instruction

All Lessons come with at least one video tutorial for easy explication

Connect with others that have gone through the course. Ask questions, share ideas

Many Lessons come with FREE Downloads like Checklists, Worksheets, useful Info graphics

Stay up to date with new information and Lessons as they become available always FREE for you